If your household is a company, then you're the boss, and your house is the factory. While you might explain to your children the "rules of living under your roof," you're never more the boss than when something goes wrong with that roof or any number of structures and furnishings underneath it. Along with being the boss, you're likely to double as personnel director for your home. When the time comes to hire someone who will take care of your home repairs, the decision is yours.

As a homeowner, you should know the basics of finding a home improvement contractor remain constant. Get multiple estimates and talk to previous customers of all the contractors you're considering. It's amazing how often homeowners fail to take even these standard precautions, and it helps explain why complaints against home improvement contractors consistently rank near the top of all consumer complaints—whether you talk to the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau of Consumer Protection, or any number of agencies that track consumer satisfaction ratings.

Unfortunately, there are several other mistakes you can make between the preliminary search and final hiring of your home improvement contractor. Of course, no criteria is foolproof, no matter how selective, but by avoiding these common pitfalls, you're more likely to make a wise hiring decision and maintain your position as company head of the family.

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