I read an article the other day and emailed the journalist who wrote it asking her if I could copy and post it. I didn't receive a response to I am going to touch on a few points from the article in my own words.

Apparently she was with her grandchildren walking down the street and the grandchildren came up behind her and grabbed a hold of her hands. This physical touch captured the feeling she felt as a sign of love and trust. It caused her to relive some special childhood memories causing her to ask the question: how do we learn to love? She has several different thoughts and memories from when she was growing up. Parents reassure us that all is well by hugging, crooning softly, taking time to let us know we are loved, etc. As we grow up hopefully we are passing on critically important caring skills we learned from our own childhood. She states that: "love is a gift we receive and pass on". Please pass on these loving skills. I am hoping that the caring and sharing will continue throughout the year and not just at Christmastime.

The journalist that published this wonderful piece is Judy Kramer from the Tampa Tribune newspaper.