A century-old mansion that was saved from demolition and moved across Tampa Bay has been voted The Wall Street Journal's 2015 House of the Year.

George and Nancy Corbett paid $1 for the Palmetto mansion and about $250,000 to move it across the Bay to a waterfront lot in Ruskin. The WSJ profiled the home when it went up for sale in March 2014. Of the 52 homes in the newspaper's annual House of the Year contest, the Ruskin mansion received 63,916 votes, out of a total 632,489 votes cast.

Originally listed at $5 million, the home sold for $1.15 million in November, according to the WSJ. The Corbetts had invested more than $2 million in home renovations.

Throughout 2014, there was high demand for luxury homes in Tampa Bay, driven by two dynamics: Buyers who feel more confident in the economy, and prices that were still at bargain levels compared to the market peak.