The real estate industry has changed dramatically over the years, and continues to evolve even today. For baby boomers who may not have bought or sold a home recently, entering the market can be especially overwhelming. Whether you’re planning on upsizing or downsizing, here are three things you should know about the industry.

1. Research begins online. Some baby boomers have been out of the real estate game for many years. It’s important to search the Internet before setting up an appointment with an agent. This will help you gauge your local market, learn forecasts for sales in your area, and read reviews and feedback.

2. Local expertise matters. An experienced agent with local market knowledge is still your best bet when it comes to getting your home sold. They can help you evaluate comparably priced homes in your neighborhood and guide you through the negotiation process.

3. Paperless transactions are here to stay. Thanks to technology, a buyer or seller doesn’t need to be present to sign a contract, and agents don’t need to wait for faxes to come through. Embrace mobile applications to make the process quick and efficient.

Resource: Zillow